Have a part or design that you need printed?

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Send us your CAD file, dimensions of the item to be printed, or even send us the original part, and we will 3Dprint or CNC it for you.

See the 3D printing materials that we offer below


• Reliability, stiffness, strength, impact resistance, higher dimensional stability and chemical resistance
• Excellent impact resistance
• Good stiffness and tensile strength
• Good chemical resistance


• Similar mechanical properties to ABS but superior UV and weather resistance
• Commonly used in outdoor applications
• UV resistance
• High impact and wear resistance
• High heat resistance
• High toughness

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon

• chopped short carbon fiber in polymer matrix base of Nylon
• High strength-to-weight ratio
• High stiffness
• High dimensional stability
• Lower shrinkage and warpage
• Electrostatic discharge (ESD) property


• Outstanding mechanical performance with good toughness, strength, and impact resistance
• Very tough
• Excellent tensile modulus and strength
• Low friction coefficient


• Strong, durable, with good heat resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Easy to print
• High stiffness and strength
• Good impact resistance


• Easy to print with excellent surface finish
• Wide range of color options
• High stiffness and strength
• Biodegradable and environmentally friendly


• Excellent impact resistance, high stiffness, heat resistance, and flame retardant properties
• 110°C heat resistance
• Excellent impact resistance
• High stiffness and strength
• High toughness
• Flame retardant
• Optical translucency


• Durable, break-resistant, fatigue-resistant, and semi-flexible
• Excellent durability and toughness
• Chemical resistance
• Food safe
• Lightweight
• Semi-flexible and break-resistant

Flexible TPU

• Its rubber-like elasticity, resilience, and durability make it suitable for uses requiring impact-absorption and a soft-touch surface
• Elastic and flexible
• Wear and tear resistance
• Durable and resilient

Kimya ABS Reinforced with Carbon Fiber or Kevlar

We stock both reinforced materials for projects where the properties of ABS will not be enough

Formlabs SLA Resins

• Super high resolution and detail

• Can achieve superior surface finished compared to FDM printing

• Wide range of available resins for any project

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