Have a part or design that you need machined?

We can do that for you!

Send us your CAD file, dimensions of the item to be milled, or even send us the original part, and we will CNC it for you.

See the machining materials that we offer below

Not sure if CNC is what you need?

Computer numerical control (CNC) is the next step up after 3D printing. CNC can produce parts at "end use" quality. Parts from a CNC will always look better than 3D printing. CNC machines can generally produce larger parts with a much better surface finish. Also, CNC machines can make part in a wider range of materials like wood and metal.

The downside is that CNC machines require a bit of setup when creating a new part for the first time. To combat this, ordering a part in larger quantities will allow for a better price per unit.


• Ease of machining. The best value for CNC machining regarding metal

• Can be easily formed using a press brake for custom brackets, etc.

• Good chemical resistance

• Finishes well using sand blasting

Delrin, PTFE, and other plastics

• Easier to machine than even aluminum, although material can cost more
• Low friction, great for mold making
• Generally only available in black and white

• Electrical Insulator

Wood and Composites

• Can create beautiful parts that can be further sanded and stained after machining

• Can be a better value than plastic and aluminum

• Wide range of colors and types

• Padauk wood shown to the left


• Excellent transparency comparable to glass.
• Good tensile strength and flexural strength
• UV and sunlight resistance
• Low priced material

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